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Color Story #1: Dreaming of Orchil

As thoughts turn to spring we’re dreaming of Orchil, a striking new color introduced for the Atelier 2020 Collection. Inspired by the Tuscan palette of Renaissance painting, Orchil highlights the beauty of the yarns and the technique in the weave.

The beauty of working with natural yarns is that each fiber holds color differently. A linen yarn will look very different than multi-felted merino wool dyed with the same color. When designing Atelier, Merida Artistic Director Sylvie Johnson and the design team spent countless hours testing yarn combinations to create the desired texture and tonal balance. The result is an interplay of color and shadow that creates the illusion of depth and dimension.

“It’s exciting to see color coming from Merida. They’re good at it.”

- AD Pro “From the Source”

Atelier 2020 features 11 rugs in the Orchil colorway including a stunning stair runner. A range of tufted, dobby-woven and Jacquard-woven originals, our Orchil rugs make a bold and beautiful statement in a wide array of settings.

Fortuna in Orchil. Reinvents a traditional Ottoman weave that brings the warp yarn to the surface, creating a textural play of contrasting yarns.
Partisi in Orchil. This elegant stair runner features a decorative border motif, inspired by mashrabiya latticework, woven with shimmering linen and alpaca.
Taqi in Orchil. A rippled pattern creates subtle movement and textural shading with layers of silk wool, multi-felted merino, and a linen alpaca blend.
Sansovino in Orchil. Sets an architectural foundation, layering alternating lines of thick- and thin-felted wool and linen over a plush ground of twisted wool.

What’s your color story? Contact us for samples and experience the beauty of Atelier 2020 for yourself.


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