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Color Story #3: Visions of Verona

Atelier 2020 is a story of color, texture and technique. This week we’re spotlighting Verona, a rich color inspired by the earthen tones of Renaissance painting. Verona is featured in seven new Atelier rugs, each a tonal interplay of ground and surface that showcases the beauty of natural yarns and the mastery of technique. 


Arno features an exquisite hand-stitched brocade motif of multi-felted merino wool.


Canale makes a richly textured statement with lines of blended alpaca merino and linen over a plush ground of thin-felted wool.


Duvarci features a layered construction of twisted wool with architectural lines of thin-felted wool, multi-felted merino and linen. 

What’s your color story? Contact us for samples and experience the beauty of Atelier 2020 for yourself. We’re here to make your next project extraordinary.

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