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Atelier: The Art of Textile Design

Weaving art, culture, and life into each rug

Atelier Rugs at the Musee des Artes Decoratifs, Paris

We are proud to introduce you to our newest collection, Atelier, created in our Fall River workshop,  under  the guiding hand of our artistic director, Sylvie Johnson. Beauty and originality define the Atelier collection, as it blends imaginative design, innovative materials and weaves,  and ingenious techniques to create subtle,  minimal rugs.

Atelier at Hotel Martel, by Robert Mallet Stevens

As Sylvie notes, "Making this Atelier 18 collection has been an  amazing experience. To collaborate, innovative, and create alongside people  who are as passionate about  learning as they are about textiles is a luxury.  The collection required as much rigor as it did creativity. This conscious respect for each step allows each rug to become something poetic." 

Finding  the unique path to something sublime is the  ultimate goal for a creator.
Rhythm, color, the right yarn, the right weaving, come together in perfect harmony. 

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