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Color Story #2: Passionate About Grenat

Atelier 2020 is a story of color, layered with cultural inspiration. Our color of the week is Grenat, inspired by the deep reds of Andalusia, and the rich legacy of Ottoman art and culture in Mediterranean Spain.

From the French word for pomegranate, Grenat changes dramatically from yarn to yarn – reading as a deep garnet on felted wool or a shimmering rosé on linen. Because each yarn holds color differently, the effect is an interplay of tone and texture, fiber and color.

Grenat is featured in four Atelier rugs – Carmine, Tavla, Cordoba, Sofia – and an elegant stair runner, Marciana.


Cordoba. A playful pattern of alpaca and linen is suspended across lines of blended thin-felted and multi-felted merino yarns, set on a tightly woven ground of wool and silk.


Carmine. A textural motif of thin- and thick-felted Grenat wools create tonal contrast against a rich ground of mohair.


Sofia features an exquisite hand-stitched brocade motif of multi-felted merino wool, and a reverse-ground weave that creates a textural play of contrasting yarns.


Tavla. Inspired by Renaissance backgammon tables, Tavla captures the next move with a decorative motif of linen and alpaca against a rich silk wool blend.


Marciana. Alternating stripes of felted wool and a linen alpaca blend add a modern border detail this elegant and durable stair runner.

What’s your color story? Contact us for samples of Atelier 2020 and experience the beauty of Grenat for yourself.

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