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Explore The Atelier Collection: Essence and Verse Tufted Rugs

Each design reveals a faceted study of material and technique, of texture and pattern, of hand and machine.  Designed and created in our Fall River workshop, the collection is rich and deep, in an array of designs and colorways including Thyme, Marine, Coconut, Indigo, Pumice, and Elephant.  Essence and Verse designs  transform luxurious, soft Mohair and Alpaca Merino fibers into subtle minimal rugs, allowing shifts in pile height, materials, and textural details to create the pattern. 
Above: Essence 928 in Midnight. A three-layered tufted rug made of a sophisticated blend of four different yarns. The contrast between each layer continues to surprise as one begins to investigate its complexity.  
Above: Essence 918 in Coconut. Each rug is a translation of creativity into possibility, as we combine tufting with handwork.  Hand-braided and stitched cords and details – mixing Linen, Wool, Sisal, and Silk – are integral to the creation of each original rug.
Above: Verse 718 in Elephant. The Mohair ground is interrupted by raised bars of soft Alpaca Merino, outlined by the stiff linen. The reflective nature of Linen allows the height shift to appear more pronounced.
Above: Essence 918 in Midnight.  The Mohair and Alpaca Merino ground is flanked by high columns of Mohair and Twisted Cord. Variegated cords are applied by hand into columns that run the length of the rug.
Above: Essence 938 being Tufted in Fall River. Each rug combines hand and machine, sometimes in ways that aren’t immediately visible, to produce the finished rug.
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