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Five Steps to Stunning Stairs

Nothing draws the eye like the rise and turn of an elegant staircase. A custom stair runner, woven to precision and professionally installed, can add textural allure and architectural continuity. Start with a flat woven rug that is both beautiful and durable, then talk to us about customizing it to your project.

Here are 5 tips to help you create a striking stair runner that will elevate your project. 

1. Customize the Runner Width. Don’t settle for a standard pre-made runner with a set width. Every staircase is unique, and our in-house design team can help you measure and template your stairs to create a custom-fitted stair runner that will turn heads.

2. Design to the Margins. Allow the wood to show along both edges, creating a frame for the runner. Here’s a simple rule: for every foot of tread width add 1” of margin. For example, a 4’ step would look amazing with a runner that showed 4” of margin on each side, resulting in a 3’4” stair runner.

3. Add a Border Detail. A woven border creates a decorative foot path, and a design detail that can be customized to tie into the room. An example of a woven-in border detail can be seen in our Flint rug, a popular Portfolio rug that works beautifully on stairs.

4. Try a Waterfall Installation. Waterfall is our preferred installation because it enhances the flow of the runner and any border detail. Some people choose upholstered installation to highlight the contour of the steps.

5. Use a Vetted Installer. Source an installer that knows how to work with flat woven material. We work with a network of trusted professionals and can help you find a seasoned installer in your area.

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