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Introducing Portfolio



“It all starts with the yarns – feeling them in your hands and finding inspiration in how they mix together, and what they can become.”
- Sylvie Johnson, Merida Artistic Director

Weaving a New Design Story

Above: Linea Flax | Slater Pumice 

Portfolio’s beauty begins with the yarns. Our designers explore and expand on the yarn’s natural characteristics – from texture to sheen to color – and transform it with plies, twists, and blends. We use pure New Zealand and British wool, mohair, alpaca merino, and linen for a soft, luxurious feel underfoot. The result is a carefully curated collection that is highly original and versatile, working in concert across rooms and projects. See the Collection

A Collaboration

Portfolio rugs are made to order in Fall River. Our woven rugs are produced on heritage Jacquard and Dobby looms. At our workshop, design and production work side by side to innovate and imagine rugs, applying inventive techniques to heritage looms.  We continually challenge each other, testing new ideas in a relentless pursuit of beauty and originality.


Above: Troy Natural | Heywood Natural

From gray to ice fog to cream, neutral tones add subtle sophistication and textural interest.The pattern and the yarns contribute in even measure to each rug’s simple beauty. See More Designs Here


Color Story

Above: Tangier Thyme | Troy Elephant

Fresh and confident, Thyme, Elephant, Pumice, Sea, and Midnight yarns are mixed with originality. Varying the tightness of the ply and tension of the weave brings the yarn forward in each design, adding texture and interest. Portfolio’s color palette invites exploration and combination. See More Designs

Serai Pumice Thyme has strong vintage coloring. The crisp Thyme wool contrasts against a plied yarn of linen and twisted wool. The plied yarn adds depth, texture and helps to distinguish ground from motif. Because linen naturally reflects light the motifs seem to jump from the surface, this lends to an almost velvet effect.

Marmaris Sea injects texture and color into the weft. Mohair and Alpaca Merino of the same hue are twisted together to create depth in color, dimension, and reflectivity. Harris Thyme plies thin felted wool and alpaca merino  for added texture that lets a subtle shine come forward in the design.

In Linea Marine (right), Alpaca Merino is plied with Linen to create a new yarn that appears space dyed. The subtle striation of color across the weft adds variety to Linea’s grid weave.

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