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Introducing the Tissage Collection

Felted, Undyed and Linen Yarns from the Tissage color palette

 Introducing Tissage. Inspired by the art of fine European fabric weaving, our newest collection elevates timeless dobby patterns with an inventive blend of crisp textures, sophisticated colors, and cozy wools.

Tissage is also available with suede corners and trims


Featuring renditions of several essential textile weave patterns, Tissage is a nod to the art of fine European cloth weaving. Dobby looms have historically been used to create fabrics such as pique, twill, and oxford cloth, a thread of which is carried through this new collection.

One of our weavers at the dobby loom

 The design process for Tissage started two years ago with the goal of broadening our offering with a wider range of weaving structures and larger, more complex textural motifs. With some strategic enhancements to our classic dobby looms and countless hours of testing and development, we were able to make this change while preserving the durability of a light contract rating.

Tissage is based on a cohesive trio of undyed wool warp colors that complement our entire yarn palette. The colorways are carefully considered and are grounded by the natural hues of undyed wools. A cohesive palette means that color schemes can be easily switched between patterns. With Tissage, we’ve expanded on our ability to make a refined, woven to order rug in just 8 weeks.

Arabesque – A dance of pattern, texture and color in a masterful construction of undyed and thin felted wools

Twill – A soothing duet of undyed yarns and sophisticated colors, Twill infuses a modern classic pattern with surprising depth and dimension

Linea – An interplay of rich wools and Belgian linen creates a crisp, dimensional thatch weave that is as striking as it is versatile

Bonpoint – Our reinvented waffle weave combines the smoothness of thick felted yarn with a richly textured pattern and subtle pop of color

Tissage debuted on October 6th at the opening of our new showroom at Harbinger by Hand at the La Cienega Design Quarter in Los Angeles, CA.

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