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Field + Supply: A Q+A with founder Brad Ford

Brad Ford Field and Supply

Founded by renowned interior designer Brad Ford, Field + Supply is back for its third year, over Columbus Day Weekend in Stone Ridge, New York. Field + Supply is a modern makers design fair in the Hudson Valley, featuring a carefully curated selection of artisans, highlighting hand-crafted goods, old and new, from a variety of studios and workshops … plus incredible local food, drink, music and more.

Come find us in booth #9 on October 7 – 9.


We asked Brad about the inspiration behind Field + Supply, what he looks for in partners and vendors, and how the fair reflects his own design philosophy.

What inspired you to start Field + Supply?

I grew up in a small town in Arkansas and as a kid I always looked forward to the annual Arts and Crafts fair. I loved being surrounded by so many creative people and seeing their latest designs. I also liked that it was an experience….it was very social. As an adult, I longed for that same feeling but my taste level had become a bit more elevated. I’ve been doing high-end interior design work in the city for almost twenty years and I really wanted to combine the idea of where I came from with where I am now.  With that in mind, I wanted to create a similar experience to the fairs I have such fond memories of but in a new carefully curated context. I’ve met a number of crafts people and furniture designers in both the city and the Hudson Valley over the years and I thought it would be fun to bring some of my favorites together in one spot.

What makes New York City and the Hudson Valley an ideal destination for a high end crafts and design fair?

There’s a significant number of craftspeople upstate who I believe are taking craftsmanship to another level. I thought it would be interesting to gather a few of these makers along with some others from Brooklyn and Manhattan and give them the opportunity to showcase their work together in a new context and in one place. The Hudson Valley is also such a beautiful backdrop for this type of work. The landscape is lush with so many breathtaking vistas and it’s so complimentary to the organic nature of this furniture.

field supply chair

What are you most looking forward to this year at F+S?

lt’s always such a fun weekend, but this year we’re hosting several events to add to the overall experience including a cocktail party, a bonfire, dinners and even a biscuit buffet Sunday morning. I’m especially looking forward to the dinner at Ravenwood. The owners Dana and Chris are such great hosts and really know how to entertain. Chris is also an incredible chef so I know the food is going to be delicious!

What do you look for in a Field + Supply vendor?

I look for people whose work I’ve always admired and who have the right balance of artistry and innovation in their craft. Most of them are designing more modern forms, but using traditional craft techniques. I’m also drawn to work that has a certain timelessness about it and can be passed on from generation to generation. Lastly and most importantly, I like working with nice people!

field supply wood

Field + supply ashe leandro rug samples merida

In what ways is Merida a good partner for Field + Supply?

I’m so happy to have Merida be a part of this year’s fair. I think we both share a tremendous amount of respect for artisans and the work they create. There’s so much value in products that are made or finished by hand and I love that Merida not only appreciates it but also recognizes it. They understand the value not just with their product, but with the design team, the craftsmen and the weavers who are actually behind it. I think we all appreciate beautiful design, but it’s just as important to support the people responsible for it and I know Merida is incredibly supportive and proud of their community.

merida craftsman

How does Field + Supply reflect your own design philosophy?

I like a room that feels modern and soulful and nothing’s more soulful than something made by hand. When you think about the time, dedication, and technique it takes to make one piece of furniture, it’s incredible. So for me, when you bring something like that into a room it automatically brings much more meaning into the space.

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