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Dear Friends,
Merida has long been known for design ingenuity and innovation in textiles, and this year that spirit is propelling us to new heights and into new territory. As spring turns to summer, I wanted to share the changes influencing everything from the pages of our sketchbooks to the heritage looms of our Fall River workshop.

Something  truly amazing is happening here. Our mission has always been about transforming rug making, and in the process, ourselves and the people we have the pleasure to work alongside. 

Merida Artistic Director Sylvie Johnson

As we rewrite the next chapter in American textile manufacturing, we are delighted to introduce Sylvie Johnson, who has joined Merida as our artistic director. A celebrated Parisian weaver and designer, Sylvie has a long career in textiles, working with clients all over the world.  Sylvie brings deep understanding of art and artistry, a rich sense of beauty and originality, and incomparable textile design ingenuity.  

As Sylvie shared when she first discovered Merida:  “I was thrilled to learn that there was a company committed to not only preserving, but championing and advancing, the art of textile design and rug making  in America.”   The alignment of our creative and business values, our dedication to the possibilities of the craft, and our shared pursuit – relentless pursuit—of beauty and originality made the partnership a natural fit.

With Sylvie’s forward-thinking point of view,  we continue our progression from the craft of rug making to the the art of rug design.   We look forward to this creative exploration,  and know you’ll be as excited as we are as to see the next chapter of transformation unfold. 

We look forward to sharing this journey with you.   


Catherine Connolly

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