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On the Stairs: Six Steps to Success


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Curving, turning, or straight, short run or long, front foyer or back hallway – stairs offer a unique opportunity to add originality and practical beauty to interior design projects. 
At Merida, we’ve developed a reputation for beautiful results, and our success comes from many years of experience in custom stair projects. We know the right questions to ask and the importance of careful planning. Importantly, Merida owns every step of the design and manufacturing process: our in-house design team works with our weavers in our Fall River workshop; Once stair runners are woven, our seamers and finishers, among the best in the world, go to work, enhancing each rug with impeccable detail. The finished rug goes to a carefully selected professional installer who both knows Merida rugs and is well-experienced in handling stair runner installations. The result: a rug that exceeds expectations and happy, happy clients.

Six Steps to Success

Select the right design for the project.
Does the staircase have a unique shape? A runner can enhance the architecture, turning a challenge into a project focal point.  Is the staircase very long?  A runner can create a definition and an appealing visual break. Do you want to add verticality to the room - a runner with a vertical stripe design can support what you are trying to achieve – drawing the eye upward. Subtle designs are the simplest solution, but a motif can add a beautiful original accent to the runner. Does the staircase have a number of landings and turns? Consider using a balanced pattern that works when turned at 90 degrees.


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Select the right weave and materials for the project.
For a recent installation, our client chose Stitch and Harris, both flat weaves in pure wool. Flat weaves, from our heritage looms. Are among our favorite – they are low-profile and wear beautifully. Wool is another great choice: a wonder fiber, wool is warm, soft, sustainable, naturally fire-retardant, and holds up under heavy traffic.


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Work the details.
Decorative seaming, edge finishing – serged, flat folded, or bound-- and the absorbs sound, improving the acoustics of the space tread nosing profile are just a few of the important choices that affect the final result; Our sales team has lots of examples to share as you walk through these important design decisions.


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Embrace complexity.
A good measure is the foundation for a successful project, no matter the scope or scale. Accurate templating is essential to success as no two staircases are the same. We embrace complexity, and it shouldn’t deter you either. This recently installed project included four flights of stairs, two hallways, three turned landings, and a border detail that needed to connect throughout.
Weave exactly to the project requirements.
Using field measurements and templates, our Fall River design team creates renderings to show the client the pattern and orientation of each area. These renderings translate into CADs that tell our Fall River looms exactly what to make. In this project, there were 22 individual custom finished pieces woven. 
Remember the final mile.
Our rugs are only as good as their installations, and we work with only the most experienced installers to ensure success.  The installer we worked with on this projects is skilled in assembling and fitting custom pieces together to look like one woven runner.  Our woven wool is backed with cotton to allow flexibility and stretch during the install while providing a stable foundation that will last the life of the runner.


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