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Our Partnership with Goodweave

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Imagine getting an email with the following message:

Every child freed

Every supply chain disrupted

Every new partnership with a retailer

Every life of forced labor that turns into a dream fulfilled

Is because of you.

In a world inundated with digital messages, this one caught my eye.  This email came from Goodweave.  Goodweave is an organization of non-profits focused on ending child labor and spreading awareness about the abhorrent practices employed in the rug industry in particular.  Goodweave collects a percent of all rugs sold and uses this money to monitor those making the rugs, rescue children from forced labor and provide quality education for them.  Their numbers are impressive:  6,797 children rescued from forced labor, 32, 231 children provide quality education and 77,328 workers reached in supply chains.  Inspiring!

Merida began working with Goodweave approximately 10 years ago.  Though we do not supply hand-knotted rugs which come largely from Nepal where the problem of forced child labor is particularly acute due to the high labor intensity of the work and the need for small dexterious hands, we have always been extremely committed to ensuring that all people working on our rugs have at least fair wages and good working.  We work with a wonderful partner in India who is equally committed to these values and together we thought that working with goodweave would be an excellent idea particularly as so many of our products are woven by hand in India. 

Merida is just a small part of the Goodweave story.  The bigger story is how inspiring this company is for taking a very big issue and organizing to make a difference.  They have made huge strides but they say they are not done until they have eradicated child labor. 

At a time when it seems easy to be cynical about the role of business, they are providing a bright light for all of us to think more broadly about how we can also have such an important and lasting impact on our companies, our clients, our industry and our world.

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