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Point of View: Monochrome

From textiles to the runway, the sophisticated look of monochrome is everywhere. More recently we are also seeing monochromatic schemes in home décor as people look to create serenity and simplicity through minimalism in the home.   

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The desaturation of color is especially prominent in spaces where the focus is on the architecture and grandeur of the space. In a London Architezer Award winning home, designer Daniele Petteno utilizes a monochrome palette to revitalize this home with modern upholstery, window accents, and cabinetry. 

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Li Eidelkort discusses this trend on her website, Trend Tablet. In a minimalist Swedish country home, gray hues are employed to bring the surrounding natural environment into the home. As Trend Tablet notes, “The vision has been to create a mobile home concept based on the mind-set of going back to basics with a nature that is omnipresent. The landscape is purposely framed, turning the nature into a predominant element of the interior space. All interior is made in dominant dark tones and selected in order to keep focus on the surrounding nature.” 


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Long before Picasso’s “blue period,” the monochromism movement has captivated artists and graphic designers.  Photographer and artist David Benjamin Sherry’s latest installation at New York’s Salon 94 showcases works of photography that attains vibrant hues through dark room manipulation. Cultured magazine references, “these painterly echoes of figuration, graffiti and geometric abstraction are attempts—very calculated stabs in the dark, if you will — for the artist to create a “portal” from the outside world that teases at representation the way a shadow might haunt the strobe lit floors of a dance club: light and heat and motion captured for one bright, beautiful moment.” Having played with monochromatic images in his earlier work, the photographer re-discovered a way to isolate and focus personal intuitions into various hues with a photogram.

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Monochrome palettes are also prevalent in home accessories and furniture. Lee Broom recently created a collection of ceramics for British luxury brand Wedgwood. Influenced by post-modernist design and stripes, the collection artfully interjects monochromatic stripes with pops of colors.

Where do you add monochromatic touches to your projects? 


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