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Portfolio 2020: A Study in Contrasts

“Small changes can completely change a rug,” says Merida Art Director Sylvie Johnson, discussing her approach to designing Merida’s Portfolio 2020 collection. By making subtle but inventive changes to classic patterns, the 26 natural fiber rugs in our new Portfolio collection push design, construction, and colors into fresh terrain.


Festina in Orchil | Tempera in Fresco

Two rugs in the new collection, Festina and Tempera, each take a cue from Merida’s popular Flint rug, with an eye-catching deconstructed pattern repeat. Festina’s broad stripes are formed by a pattern of thin-felted wool, forming a loose and playful pattern repeat separated by a field of solid color.

Tempera animates the pattern with a closely stitched branch-like pattern. The contrast is heightened by weaving different thin-felted wools that create subtle textural effects.    

The pattern repeat and the flatwoven construction make Tempera and Festina perfect choices for stair runners.

https://www.meridastudio.com/products/linea-orchil                       https://www.meridastudio.com/products/linea-verona

Linea in Grenat  |  Linea in Verona


The contrast of colors highlights Linea’s blend of alpaca, Merino and wool yarns in an elegant basket weave. Another example of how subtle changes can completely transform a rug.


Inspired by the art and architecture of the Italian Renaissance and the Ottoman Empire, our new Portfolio 2020 collection charts new terrain in both color and construction. Because every Portfolio 2020 rug is woven to order and fully customizable, you can choose from 50-plus colors, or provide us with a paint chip or fabric swatch to match your colorway.

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