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Portfolio: Composition and Curation Create a Beautiful Story

Who doesn’t love a story? And when it’s well-composed, carefully told, the story becomes intriguing and interesting, with a poetry all its own. Portfolio offers designers a beautiful, original story to incorporate into each project. With a cohesive, curated point of view, Portfolio—designed and woven in our Fall River workshop—celebrates the interplay of textures and tones and the interaction of yarns and motifs.

Portfolio flatwoven and tufted rugs invite scheming across patterns, colors, and in combination with other Merida collections. Here are a few of our favorites to explore, as a starting point:

 View our Natural + Neutral from The Portfolio Collection

The power of neutral tones begins with versatility, and to that, the yarns and weaves of Portfolio add another dimension of textural sophistication. By combining different patterns within a defined color family, you can craft a feeling of refined harmony as nuanced as it is natural. We love this composition showing options for a project that’s modern and also timeless, that’s casual and elegant in equal measure. Using pure wool and mohair, our natural tones are designed to support a neutral project palette or provide the calm counterpoint to a lively scheme.

Featuring Bonpoint Sea | Linea Marine | Flint Elephant

The Portfolio collection adds fresh, confident hues that are both striking and calming. Add depth to a project with saturated blues and cool grays, enhanced by the addition of a warm flaxen hue.  A rich array of weaves, from jacquard and dobby looms, creates compelling textures. And sophisticated yarn blends, with mohair, wool, and linen complete the narrative. Calling to mind a coastal palette, these compositions can add warmth to an urban pied-a-terre or brighten up a beach house.

Featuring Tangier Thyme | Bonpoint Natural | Heywood Natural

Color has incredible power – especially when used sparingly. The Portfolio collection offers a unique opportunity to combine both rich neutrals and vibrant colors. A combination of plush tufted and sleek flatwoven rugs in natural hues reads as even more enticing when paired with a rich, verdant counterpoint. Ideal for a family home or other project that’s designed to feel full of life.

Featuring Marmaris Elephant & Slater Pumice

A subtle pivot from the ordinary – either through an unexpected color choice or an inspired juxtaposition of textures – can take a classic space to the next level. For a combination that feels innovative without sacrificing style, we love pairing a darker-hued sisal with the chic stone grays of Portfolio’s most sophisticated weaves. For projects with a sense of history and an eye towards the future – Portfolio is understated but never overlooked.

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