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Saga: weaving a story across time and place


The foundation for the Atelier collection, Saga tells a story of materials, of weaving fundamentals, and of historical traditions, and their transformation into a fresh lyrical composition when creativity and inventiveness are applied.   


The Saga Collection's varied weaves and weft spacing give each pattern its own rhythm and voice: nuanced, subtle, and poetic.

Saga 158 - Coconut

Above: Saga 138 in Sea Flax, Saga 208 in Thyme-Flax, and Saga 158 in Coconut

Each Saga design begins on our heritage Dobby loom, but soon departs from the traditional weaves that loom is known for, as we play with warp and weft and redraw the loom for each pattern.  Soft Mohair yarn in elephant, coconut, thyme, midnight and sea--blends beautifully with crisp linen.  Contrasting yarns  create a marbled or striated pattern that visually disrupts the weave and adds randomness to the surface.

Above: Saga 108 in Elephant-Rhino, Saga 188 in Pumice, and Saga 198 in Pumice

When used monochromatically, the mixing of yarns brings the materials forward in the design. Holding the color constant places the focus on the texture, drawing the eye to the interaction of light on each subtle, minimal pattern.


Above: Saga 218 in Midnight-Flax, Saga 128 in Sea-Flax, and Saga 168 in Thyme-Marine

Saga uses pattern and color to connect the Atelier collection across the home. With subtle shifts in movement, intensity, and hue, using complementary but distinctive Saga rugs in projects can create a sophisticated structure to living spaces. 




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