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Takeaways: Leaders of Design Conference 2017

At Merida, we not only enjoy working with our design clients but supporting and engaging with you at various community events. Earlier this month, we were excited to sponsor the Leaders of Design Conference in Dublin on April 5-7, 2017. As we reflect on our 7th year attending the LDC conference, we are reminded of how strong our community is when we work, learn, and collaborate with each other. Our CEO and Business Development team reflect back on some of their favorite moments from the trip including their quick stopover in London on the way to the conference.

On London:

“I loved the perspective on London from the top of the London eye—the view of Big Ben and parliament was fabulous and I was overjoyed to (successfully) challenge myself to conquer my fear of heights. It was also inspiring to meet with some clients in London.” – Catherine Connolly

“Lunch with our clients was very inspiring especially Tanis Paul.  She took a risk and moved to London where she works for renowned firm Helen Green and has projects all over including Monaco.  She also frequently flies to Iceland to teach architecture and design courses.  Inspired from a trip to the Scotland’s old Tweed mills, she has also become a kind of ambassador to keeping these mills in business and thriving.” – Pauline King


On Inspiration: 

“I think we all agree that the Hockney exhibit at Tate Britain in London was magnificent! It was great to see the breadth of Hockney’s work and his ability to incorporate technology into his work particularly with the Four Seasons photographic experiment.” – Catherine Connolly

“The lushness of the green (my favorite color!)  in the country side in Dublin was stunning. All the grass and rolling hills were so vibrant, especially with the sun in full force the last day, it almost didn’t seem real.  The ground at the K Club where we stayed were so beautifully manicured and it was inspiring to walk through the well-known golf course, pristine grounds, and wooded trails.” – Siobhan Kelley


On the Conference:

“Helen Marriage from Artichoke was one of my favorite speakers and presentations.  She builds larger then life art pieces that take over busy areas of cities to use art to engage people who may not seek it out.  Her dedication to the time and politics involved in getting these huge fetes to happen was inspiring.” - Pauline King

“There were so many inspiring speakers, especially SY Partners.  I found their workshop on Leadership in the 21st century intriguing. I liked how they framed the workshop focused on human-centered transformation and leadership around four characteristics:  optimism, creativity, authentic communication and humanity. “ – Catherine Connolly


Most Memorable Moment:

“The boys choir signing inside the stunning St. Patrick’s Cathedral was so peaceful and full of joy.  The lights were down and only the stage was illuminated alongside the candles lit tabletop.  Everyone was silent and completely engaged, especially when the director moved to the piano and the boys sang ‘Danny Boy’.” – Siobhan Kelley

“Trinity college was breathtaking and the history and architecture of the Long Room in the library was stunning.  Built originally in 1712 with the barrel-vaulted ceiling and upper chambers added in 1860.  Treasures within include the oldest harp in Ireland and one of the few copies of the 1916 Proclamation of Irish Republic. It was wonderful having a cocktail party in that room with such a talented group of designers and architects—what a night!”  - Catherine Connolly


The Leaders of Design Council exists to elevate and enhance the value of design.View more details about the annual conference here.

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