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Atelier 2020: Tufted Rugs of Luxurious Texture

Atelier 2020 introduces 12 new tufted designs of luxurious texture and color, inspired by architectural motifs. These richly layered rugs feature inventive blends of linen, wool, mohair, and multi-felted merino yarns, rendered with an inventive cut pile technique that creates subtle textural dimension.

Taqi rug in Orchil. A rippled pattern creates subtle movement and textural shading with layers of silk wool, multi-felted merino, and a linen alpaca blend.

Vaulted arcades, sunlit columns, a latticed mashrabiya screen. Evoking architectural elements from the Italian Renaissance and the Ottoman Empire, the Atelier Collection raises tufting to an art form, from inspiration to execution. Using the dimensional possibilities of the tufter, our design team and craftspeople tested new yarn combinations to achieve subtle contrast in tone and texture. 


Carmine rug in Grenat. A textural motif of thin- and thick-felted Grenat wools create tonal contrast against a rich ground of mohair.


Poggio rug in Marble. This laced motif makes a modern statement with richly colored silk wool yarns blended with linen and alpaca, over layers of thin-felted wool and multi-felted merino.


Kafesi rug in Orchil. Inspired by the latticework of a mashrabiya screen, a textural pattern of mohair and thick-felted wool floats across a rich ground of linen and alpaca.


Arcata rug in Fresco. Inspired by the covered arcades of Florence, Arcata makes an elegant textural statement with thin- and thick-felted wools over a ground of multi-felted merino.

Experience the luxurious texture of our new tufted rugs. Contact us for samples today and discover what makes the Atelier 2020 Collection a tour de force of loom and hand. 

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