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The Art of Plying: Blending Yarns for Tone & Texture

Before every season we explore yarn combinations and compositions that will become the foundation for our Portfolio and Atelier collections. The way we blend colors and fibers creates a textural palette that is uniquely ours, for rugs that are distinctively Merida.


Here we feature three sets of yarn combinations from our 2020 Yarn Book.  Look closely and you’ll notice how each yarn picks up color differently; how blending linen adds light to wool; how alpaca merino and mohair combine to create a new color.

Left to right: Plied Fresco, Thin-Felted Wool & Linen, Plied Marble Thin-Felted Wool & Linen

Left to right: Orchil Mohair, Marble Silk Wool & Orchil Linen, Marble Mohair

Left to right: Verona Mohair, Verona Plied Thin-Felted Wool & Twisted Wool, Verona Crimped Wool

Our yarn combinations are the first step to creating a rug of originality and technique that will transform your projects. Discover how Merida can help you take your design vision to the next level. 

Contact us for samples of our Atelier 2020 Collection and experience the rich texture and color of our natural yarns for yourself.

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