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The Canvas Collection: The art of tufting reaches new heights

The Canvas Collection

Knit in Mist
Canvas elevates the depth, beauty and artistry of tufted rugs with an innovative process that makes it easy for designers to customize color to fit their room schemes. From geometric patterns to organic textures, the collection offers a choice of styles to complement a range of residential projects, either as a wall-to-wall or an area rug. Created for ultimate design flexibility, the Canvas collection gives designers a simple way of adding a bespoke touch to their projects.
Rattan in Colonial Blue and Marshmallow
A Rich Interplay of Texture and Tone
The Canvas Collection expands on Merida’s portfolio of foundational robot-hand-tufted rugs, offering a wider range of options for bedrooms, family rooms, and other spaces throughout the home. When developing the collection, Merida’s design team struck on the idea of varying the height of the pile to create a design element, both visual and textural.  This innovative cut-loop technique creates subtle textural effects that add dimension to the rug – and a play of light and depth that reveals the beauty of the design and color of the wool.
A craftsman shears an almost finished Canvas Rug. Knit in Mist.
From a vibrant children’s room to a sophisticated study, Canvas rugs add subtle detail, depth and elegance to a room. Choose from six styles in virtually any color – our extensive pom box is your palette.
Canvas rugs are a beautiful complement to Merida’s natural fiber and flatweave rugs, offering range and versatility for whole-house projects, from room to room.
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