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The Story Behind the Stairs: An Encino Home Designed by Cari Berg

A custom Flint runner in undyed light grey and black wool. Interior design by Cari Berg.

Stairs present an exciting design challenge and can be an opportunity to do something unexpected. When interior designer Cari Berg came to us with an idea for a twist on a classic black and white stair runner inspired by our Tailormade collection, we were excited to see what our design team, craftspeople, and onsite installers could work together to create. To achieve Cari’s vision for a graphic and contemporary look, we modified the repeat of our Flint rug design to work as a runner, incorporating the rug’s decorative motif as an edge detail in black and undyed wool.

 “Merida helps me creatively because they don't put
limitations on what we want to do.” – Cari Berg

As Bob Margies, Merida’s Director of Service and Installation says, “No two staircases are the same.” Bob worked closely with the onsite installer to measure and template each step, so design and production could determine exactly how much material was required. “Careful measuring and planning optimizes the design budget and minimizes waste.” 

An outline of the inspiration for the stairs from Cari Berg (left). 
A custom strike off demonstrates the alternating colors and continuing pattern(right). 

In Fall River, our design team used the template to adapt the Flint rug to the curve of the stairs, so the edge motif would create a continual line through the stairway, accounting for alternating colors as well as the slight curve of the stairs. Thin felted black and undyed light gray wool came together to create this alternating colorway of black and white stitching and stairs.

They then translated the design to a digital file for the loom that would ensure the woven runner matched the dimensions of the template. After sharing a strike off with Cari’s team for approval, the production team was then able to begin weaving, cutting to template, then finishing and serging each step to order at our mill in Fall River.

With the rug ready for installation, our master installers were able to lay out each stair and alter the order of the stair pattern on site to match her vision.  “Merida really goes overboard to try and accommodate designer’s ideas,” Cari said. “They want the finished result to look just the way we spec the project.”

Stairs are an ideal opportunity for us to collaborate with designers to bring their vision to life. Our expert team can help you rethink what’s possible, and tailor a rug that fits to perfection.

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