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These times call for creative thinking

Dear All,
I know that you are as concerned I am about all the uncertainty that surrounds us regarding the Coronavirus. The news seems to get worse and worse by the second. As I stated to the Merida team, your health and that of your families are the most important for me. Maintaining everyone’s safety will be the guiding principle for any and all decisions. 
During this time, we will be doing our very best to support you and your client projects. Unfortunately, experts are predicting that the Coronavirus situation may take many weeks or months to play out. We are making every effort to ensure we can keep our workshop in Fall River open, so that we can continue producing rugs and providing strike-offs for your future projects – even if we cannot work with you in person.
I have challenged our team to use this time creatively, to tackle projects that are fulfilling, and to focus on areas where we each need to grow, personally and professionally. We will also take this opportunity to connect more deeply with clients, and to explore new ways we can support your business – both during and after this situation.  For example, we plan to use technology that will allow our team members to seamlessly communicate remotely with each other and with you.  We feel confident we can provide you with the same level of service you expect albeit through “virtual” instead of in-person consultations.
Of course we also have the tremendous benefit of manufacturing our own products here in Massachusetts; and with our talented team in Fall River, we are able to be more flexible and agile than we would have been if we were more reliant on global supply chains. For example, we have made the decision to work overtime this weekend, so that in the event of any type of quarantine or closure we will have frontloaded orders to stay a little ahead of schedule.  We have also accelerated our strike-off production in order to ship samples out to designers in advance – so you will have what you need to keep your projects moving forward when in-person meetings may be more difficult.
I just want you to know we are with you at this difficult time, and are prepared to get very creative as we find ways to support you and your clients until we’re on the other side of this. As I said to the Merida team, the challenge is for each of us to create a space of abundance in our minds, even while the world is sending us strong signals of scarcity. Here’s a quote that sums it up pretty well:
“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”
                                                Jon Kabat Zinn
If there is anything I or anyone at Merida can do to help you, please do not hesitate to ask. In the meantime, I am sending you wishes for good health, restorative thoughts, and cherished time for creative thinking!
Be well, 

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