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Wander: Weaving Creativity with Possibility to Create Beauty and Originality

At Merida, when talent and imagination collaborate, when creative minds wander, the result is an original rug collection that breaks with tradition and breaks the rules to create beauty and interest from the ground up.

Starting with our favorite, sustainable materials—pure New Zealand wool and long-staple Kenyan sisal—our design team began an in-depth exploration, with our craftspeople, of how warp, weft, and weave can take on new roles and create new textures. Along the path, they played with materials and colors as well.  Their inventiveness and deep understanding of materials and techniques led to the Wander Collection.

Wander is a family of patterns in varying weaves and textures that are intended to work in harmony across a project.

Float and Loft are dramatic and eye-catching, with high-low texture and hand-cut floats that add delightfully unpredictable movement.


Range and Tour are the ideal companions, providing textural interest and calm sophistication in equal measure.
Rove and Dash redefine how we think of rugs, with soft, brushed suede lacing added by hand, in stripe and chevron motifs for subtle and bold results, depending on the colors in the design. 

The weft driven designs create a wool-forward face to each rug, with sisal as the secondary weave and texture. The six designs in the Wander collection are arrayed across four wool yarn colors: Dove, Ash, Mink and Bay, and six sisal colors:  Natural, Elephant, Almond Cream, Raisin, Bay and Indigo.   The interplay of wool and sisal, whether contrasting or tonal, creates a unique personality in each rug.

With a breadth of colorways, Wander adds originality and interest to the room.  The colorways are complemented with suede lacing on select designs, and detailed edge finishing – in wide or double wool and linen serging.

Each Wander rug is custom-sized to order and hand-finished in our Fall River workshop. In our next Off the Loom story we’ll take you with us as we watch our skilled team hand-finish Wander rugs and learn more about serging techniques. 

See more Wander colors and designs here.


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