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Why Linen Is Naturally Cool

There’s something wonderfully cool about the look and feel of linen. While commonly used for clothing, linen’s natural properties make it an ideal material for the home – and a surprisingly resilient yarn for rugs. Linen blends easily with wool and alpaca merino, making for a beautiful and durable yarn blend for select rugs in our Portfolio and Atelier collections.

We love linen for its texture and sheen, but it’s also a sustainable fiber that offers many natural benefits that contribute to the healthy home. Here are a few:

Hypoallergenic and Air Permeable Due to the inherent weave structure of its fibers, linen naturally conducts airflow. While some fabrics trap air, and can make a room feel stuffy, a rug made with linen will naturally help air circulation.

Highly Absorbent. Linen will absorb moisture and quickly bounce back to its natural state. Due to the makeup of the fiber, water is absorbed and evaporates quickly.  

Naturally Cool. Linen does not trap heat, making our linen-based tufted rugs perfect for spaces that are typically warm or in warm climates. Linen quickly allows heat to escape, and has a 5x higher heat conductivity rate compared to wool.

Sustainable Linen is harvested from flax, which is a very resilient plant that thrives in very poor soil, and with very little water. It is also biodegradable and recyclable, which eliminates waste in the processing cycle. 

We first introduced linen into our dobby woven Portfolio rugs, starting with our popular “Linea” style. We loved it so much we have continued to use linen in our Atelier collection, blending it with mohair in our Verbena 759 tufted rug.

Contact us to learn more about how the natural qualities of linen can enhance your projects. We invite you to experience the beauty and originality of our Portfolio and Atelier 19 collections.

Linen is featured in several rugs in Merida’s Atelier Collection:


Caldera 139

Arrastra 319

Sahara 409

Verbena 759

Linea (Portfolio Collection)

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