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Wool, the Yarn that Loves You Back

As we pack up those bulky sweaters, let’s take a moment to declare our undying affection for natural wool. Soft to the touch, yet naturally durable, wool is an incredibly versatile fiber. Merida wools are hand-selected for their beauty, integrity, and natural color, and sustainably sourced from Britain and New Zealand, whose sheep are prized for their pure white coats. The natural color and texture of New Zealand wool makes it an ideal yarn for the rug maker’s palette, whether dyed or undyed.

Apart from being naturally sourced, wool also has many eco-friendly properties that make it beneficial for the healthy home – and the planet. Here are a few natural facts about wool that might surprise you:
Stain Resistant. Wool naturally resists stains, thanks to its lanolin coating.
Air Filtering. Wool naturally traps dust and pollen, keeping allergens out of the breathing zone. (Let’s clear the air.)
Energy Efficient. Wool naturally responds to air temperature, retaining warmth in winter and cooling the air in summer. Which is why a wool rug feels great underfoot any time of year.
Earth Friendly. Wool is naturally recyclable, meaning it can be traced through nature’s cycle without any harm to the environment.
Merida rugs are made of high-quality natural yarns, tested for durability. Many of our rugs incorporate wool blended with mohair, alpaca, or linen, which are all naturally strong fibers.
Feeling is believing. Contact us to experience the rich quality of Merida wools, from our classic Portfolio collection to the inventive styles of our Atelier 19 collection.
Merida rugs featuring British undyed wool:
Bonpoint, from the Portfolio Collection
Twill, from the Portfolio Collection
Merida rugs featuring pure New Zealand wool:

Caldera 149, from the Atelier Collection
Caldera 159, from the Atelier Collection
Harris, from the Portfolio Collection
Palazzo, from the Portfolio Collection
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