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Wool Worthy of an Aspen Retreat

bonesteel trout hall merida craze rug
Bonesteel Trout Hall bring Southern California style and laid back glamour to an all-season retreat for an active and growing family in a recent Architectural Digest feature. With textures ranging from rough stone and reclaimed wood to plush wool and refined surfaces, this high-elevation Colorado vacation home reflects and reinterprets the surrounding landscape. We caught up with designer Michele Trout on the inspirations behind this mountain home and her choice of rug for cool weather luxury.
michele trout

Where did you draw inspiration from to start your design process?

bonesteel aspen external

Karyn Millet / Architectural Digest

We drew a great deal of inspiration from the location. It is at the very end of the plowed road on the way up to Independence Pass. It’s perched high up on a hill overlooking an area known as The North Star Preserve. The location is absolutely stunning and sits in a veritable forest of aspen trees. The white aspens really inspired us.

What role did our Craze rug play in your design process?

Bonesteel craze livingroom

Karyn Millet / Architectural Digest

The graphic nature of the Craze rug is exactly what the huge living room needed. We also like the thick, plush quality of the wool. It is so luxurious.

What was your favorite room or vignette to design?

bonesteel living room

Karyn Millet / Architectural Digest

Our favorite room to design was the Living Room, it is so huge, the views are extraordinary and there were so many options for great surfaces, materials and objects.

Who or what has been your greatest influence as a designer?

My greatest influence as a designer is the work of the many architects and designers whom I admire. There is great value in taking a piece of what others have done before us and building off of it, customizing it, making it our own, and getting it just right for a particular project.

What energizes you?

Michele Trout Italy iantagram

Nature and travel are what energize me the most. The colors and textures in nature are perfect. Many times we will take a beautiful shell or piece of bark and use it as our jumping off point when designing an important room.

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