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5 Ways to Style a Staircase with Wool Rugs
When scheming a project, the staircase may not be top of mind as an area to get creative. At Merida, we think there ...
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It’s in the Mix: New Sisal Colors
We’re proud to present unique and refined new colors of four of our best selling sisals and sisal blends, expertly...
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The Art of the Seam: 5 Crucial Tips for Rug Seaming and Installation
At Merida, we believe seams should be celebrated. Whether strategically hidden or prominently featured, we view each ...
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Hutker Architects' Inventive Approach to Luxury
Real luxury frees you to live the life you want. From making bold creative choices, celebrating natural and historic...
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Introducing the Tissage Collection
Felted, Undyed and Linen Yarns from the Tissage color palette  Introducing Tissage. Inspired by the art of fine E...
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Q&A: Joe Lucas Dishes on Expanding the Harbinger Family
As the energy builds for the opening of our first boutique in Harbinger’s new Harbinger by Hand space, we caught up ...
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