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Design Innovation at Merida
“At Merida, we are all better together than apart. We learn together, we change together, and we’re all working toget...
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The Art of Textile Design: It begins with the yarn
The art of textile design has always been about combining distinct elements to produce a singular accomplishment.Ya...
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Merida on the Move
  Dear Friends,Merida has long been known for design ingenuity and innovation in textiles, and this year that spirit ...
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Wander: Weaving Creativity with Possibility to Create Beauty and Originality
At Merida, when talent and imagination collaborate, when creative minds wander, the result is an original rug collect...
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A Postcard from Paris
Creativity and beauty at every turn, an unparalleled sense of romance and history, and a certain je ne sais quoi ar...
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UltraFiber: Sisal built to perform
Our Avant sisal rug adds energy and timeless detail to this staircase. Finished with a linen binding. Stain resista...
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