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Frame 808 - Midnight-Flax

An enticing material-mixture field contained within a solid border. This contrast of solid and variegated surface lends to a distinct look.

Each iteration in the Frame Collection is at once straightforward and subtly intricate. Through shifts in the color palette, weave, and mixtures of yarns, each rug gains individuality and complexity. 


This design features a blended yarn that combines Alpaca Merino and Linen.

Both yarns reflect light differently, when combined they are transformed into a dynamic new material. The soft Alpaca Merino has a matte surface that subtly contrasts with smooth, shiny Linen.

A border of Mohair softly reflects light.

The Cotton warp has a pearlescent sheen.

Fiber: 82% Linen | 11% Alpaca Merino | 7% Cotton

Construction: Dobby Woven

Lead Time: 16 Weeks

Max Width: 11' 06"

Made in USA

Note: Sample image shown is a small version of the full-size rug.

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