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Verse 738 - Thyme

A textural design that features an exciting mixture of yarns. Alternating materials create bands of color that rise and fall in height as the pattern progresses.

The Verse Collection elevated familiar forms with innovative techniques, creating definition through subtle shifts in pile height and bold color transitions.


This design uses a corded yarn, made in our workshop, of four different materials. Mohair, Thin Felted Wool, Linen, and Alpaca Merino are blended to create a truly unique yarn with texture and color shifts.

Soft, matte Alpaca Merino and smooth, shiny Linen are fed through the tufter together to create a mottled effect.

The pearly sheen of Mohair provides a stable ground of color and texture to build on.

Fiber: 48% Mohair | 24% Linen | 18% Alpaca Merino | 10% Wool

Construction: Tufted

Lead Time: 16 Weeks

Max Size (W/O Seams): 20'x13' or 13'x20'

Made in USA

Note: Sample image shown is a small version of the full-size rug.

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