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Essence 928 - Midnight

A three-layered tufted rug made of a sophisticated blend of four different yarns. The contrast between each layer continues to surprise as one begins to investigate its complexity. 

Beautiful design is founded in elemental truths and the Essence Collection is a textural exposition of this meaning. Each design presents itself simply at first, but ultimately reveals a faceted study of material and technique. 


• Ground: Made from Linen and Alpaca Merino yarns, this blend highlights the beautiful contrast of the shiny and matte qualities of the yarn.

• Multiple squares: The squares running the length of the rug are made with soft Mohair that is visually subtle compared to the speckled field.

• Long rectangle: Made by tufting our handmade twisted cord in long lines running the width of the rug. An intricate combination of four yarns blends make up the cord: Mohair, Felted Wool, Alpaca Merino, and Linen.

Fiber: 43% Linen | 32% Mohair | 17% Alpaca Merino | 8% Wool

Construction: Tufted

Lead Time: 16 Weeks

Max Size (W/O Seams): 13'x 20'

Made in USA

Note: Sample image shown is a small version of the full-size rug.

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