What inspires us? The beauty of natural materials, the soulfulness of true craftsmanship, and the uplifting spirit of design.

Merida CEO

Merida’s journey began with a commitment to creating rugs from plant-based fibers that are rapidly replenishable. Forty years later, that commitment is still core to everything we do, but we’ve found that it takes something more to make a rug that is truly extraordinary – a gift to the spirit of the maker as well as to the receiver.

It takes a commitment to making products of artistry and beauty, starting with the world’s most beautiful yarns. Just as an artist spends hours mixing her palette, we have spent years developing ours – blending and twisting yarns into combinations that are distinctively Merida.

It takes talented craftspeople who are given the opportunity to practice and perfect their craft, while creating viable paths to develop those gifts into fulfilling careers.

And when we stitch it all together, our core mission is to cultivate a virtuous circle with designers, their clients, and our craftsmen that makes joy and pleasure the beautiful thread that connects and sustains us all.