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Atelier 2018

A new definition of elegance

An ode to minimalism, Atelier is created by that rare combination of extraordinary skills and open-minded spirits.

The Atelier 2018 collection embraces the subtle and the bold, married together to bring a sophisticated statement piece to your home.


Varied weaves and weft spacing give each pattern its own rhythm and voice: nuanced, subtle, and poetic.


Giving voice to materials and to beauty, a sophisticated statement through the juxtaposition of bold motifs, and a solid, minimal ground.


A study in the power of nuance, as the transitions between different weaves introduce subtle visual interest and create the pattern.


Familiar forms are redefined with innovative techniques, creating definition and bold color transitions.


Striking a dynamic balance between subtlety and statement, an exploration of  the beauty of regularity, enriched with textural contrasts.


Simple, minimal,  and ultimately a faceted study of material and technique working in harmony to create beauty.


Both straightforwardand subtly intricate, shifts  in  the  color  palette, weave,and  mixtures  of yarns, create  individuality  and  complexity.


A single wash of variegated color and original texture, woven from plied cords, brings the materials into meaningful focus.

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