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Inspired by geography, archeology, and the history of the origins of the earth and weaving. Incorporating earth tones and traditional weaving techniques with modern yarn twists and colors. 

“In every collection, each rug is the result of a long and passionate journey. The steps in the process — from inspiration to the final prototype — creates a deep and profound emotional experience which comes from my love of art. ”

Sylvie Johnson, textile designer and artistic director


Named for the caldera volcanoes — these weaves form a foundation for more styles to take shape.


Inspired by the Uinta Basin — a large plateau structurally forming the land around it — the weaves in this line take on a similar purpose.


Arrastra rugs feature nuanced and unexpected details, like by the Arrastra Mountain Wilderness, a subtle stretch of land amid the Arizona desert.


Named for the Sahara desert, where the sand is always changing and taking on new forms, these rugs are bold and graphic in weaves and color.


Inspired by the beautiful, linear details of Kachina Dolls, these weaves feature small, precise details that make up a larger design.


Named for the desert rock formation, Mesa rugs’ tufting elevates their patterns, utilizing high versus low pattern techniques.


Blossoming in patches of rock or sand, the stark contrast of the Verbena plant inspired the distinct, raised pattern details of these rug designs.


A curated set of designs created for your staircase

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