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Natural Foundations. Enduring Beauty.

Natural beauty is our legacy. From day one, Merida has been committed to making natural fiber rugs that are good for the environment and safe for the home. Our renowned Sisal rugs — along with our Jute, Abaca, and innovative blends — set the standard for quality, integrity and technique that, to this day, makes a Merida rug like no other.


There’s no sisal like Merida sisal. When you understand the choices we make and how they translate to natural beauty that deepens with age, the pleasure of owning a Merida rug just deepens with time.


Naturally beautiful and durable, our Abaca rugs are woven from organically grown fibers that are meticulously matched to create subtle shades of natural color. A soothing foundation that holds its own when layered.


Handwoven from sustainably sourced, naturally colored jute fibers. A percentage of every Merida jute rug purchase supports GoodWeave, whose mission is to eradicate child labor and promote women’s health and education in rural villages where rugs are traditionally braided by hand.


Better together. Our innovative blends are a celebration of natural materials, hand selected and artfully woven to create a harmonious foundation for a wide array of settings and stairs.


A selection of rich wool foundations and inventive blends that are naturally soft underfoot, woven by our partner in Belgium.


Capsule collections born out of inspired partnerships. Vintage Tuareg patterns from design duo Ashe Leandro, and colorful wool dhurries created with designer Mark D. Sikes.

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