Where can I buy Merida products?
We sell our products exclusively to the design trade. If you’re a design professional, please call us at 1-800-345-2200 and we will work with you directly.
You can view our full product portfolio online at www.meridastudio.com, where you can order samples and download spec sheets. We invite you to visit our showrooms in the New York Design Center at 200 Lex, and the Boston Design Center.

What makes a Merida rug different?
Every Merida rug is thoughtfully designed in terms of style, construction and durability; and our product portfolio is cohesive across all styles, offering the flexibility to spec rugs for a whole house or a large project. We carefully source the best materials and test rigorously to ensure our rugs will wear well in a wide variety of settings. Our expert craftspeople finish each rug by hand, and we offer a wide selection of custom rug finishes and edging options in a choice of unique materials. To ensure the success of your project, we offer master installation services and stand behind every rug we make with unparalleled service.
How can Merida add value to my design process?
Beyond working directly with you to create the perfect rug for your project, we also extend the value of our expertise as a design partner. We will work closely with you on every phase of your project, from brainstorming ideas to preparing a client presentation to organizing and managing your installation.
How does customization at Merida work?
It’s easy to customize with Merida. Because our rugs are made to order, yarn colors are interchangeable across looms, construction and rug style. We can also customize many of our rugs with colors of your choice. With the exception of our undyed wools and linen yarns, all our yarns can be custom dyed to match Pantone, paint chips, or other color-referencing systems.

To make customization easy, we created the Merida Personal Showroom™, a versatile system that contains all the essential elements to tailor the perfect rug to your unique specifications. We can advise you on which yarns and colors will work best in combination, and will provide renderings and strike-offs so you can see exactly what the rug will look like before you place an order.
Does manufacturing in the US make a difference?
Designing and manufacturing in the US means exceptional creative flexibility and quality control. Most of our wool rugs are woven to order on heritage and modern looms, right in our mill in Fall River, MA. Having our design and product development team under the same roof allows for small-scale testing and iteration, as well as close collaboration with our master weavers and craftspeople. The advantage to interior designers is that we can deliver a made to order rug, and even customize colors, sizing and shape, with a relatively short lead time.