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Custom Stair Design
Made for Leblanc Design. This wool stair runner was woven to order with custom Tailormade details.
Decorative Cords
Custom cord trims, made exclusively for Merida from exquisite linen yarns in a range of natural colors.
Custom Stair Runner
Made for Leblanc Design. Custom detail woven into one edge of this beautiful stair runner combines two patterns from our Tailormade Collection.
Custom Wool Stair Runner
Made for Cari Berg. This wool Tailormade rug was woven to order and finished by our expert craftspeople and installers.
Custom Color Plough
Created for Cari Berg. Rug pictured on our loom in Fall River, MA.
Suede Tassels
Ashe + Leandro for Merida, Leao rug with hand-knotted suede tassels.
Suede Tassels
Ashe + Leandro for Merida, Touro in black pearl with hand-knotted suede tassels.
Custom Catalyst stair installation
Designer: Brittany Bromley Photo: Jane Beiles

Some recent highlights of Merida expertise at work.