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Our Team

Every day at Merida you can see the transformative value of design at work, and what can happen when you honor the creative process and cultivate talent through daily practice.

That can-do spirit inspires everything we do — and you can feel the hand in everything we make.

From our craftspeople in Fall River to our design team; our inside sales and business development teams; our showroom partners; and our trusted partners at the source, our team brings deep expertise to help designers create one-of-a-kind experiences for their clients.

  • Catherine Connolly: The spirit of rugmaking

    “To create something exquisite you have to have the art, the craft, the hand and most of all the spirit of the maker.”

    Catherine Connolly, Owner & CEO

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  • John Carvalho: The hand of the maker

    “When you have love in your hands for what you’re making, it’s going to show.”

    John Carvalho, Master Weaver

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  • Vichet Kragn: The legacy of craftsmanship

    “My father worked here before me, and he’s proud to see me grow. There’s a story behind every rug we make, of design, people, and handwork.”

    Vichet Kragn, Craftsman

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  • Sylvie Johnson: Living with textiles

    “You’re always going to see something different… the weave, the fiber, the color, and the technique combine to create something that’s alive.”

    Sylvie Johnson, Art Director

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