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In our Fall River workshop, every rug is an inventive, ingenious collaboration between our designers and our craftspeople, between materials and weaves, and between hand and machine.

Designs happen on the workshop floor, where art, design, and craft work together.

Natural fibers in creels are ready to become the warp of a rug made on our Dobby loom.

With exceptional technical weaving skill, our design team brings inspiration to the workshop where they begin testing ideas.

Jacquard weave rugs begin on heritage looms in Fall River.

To make beautiful, original rugs take extraordinary skill, to ensure design integrity and quality.

With a skilled eye, our craftsmen ensure every Merida rug is of impeccable quality.

Hand-tying the loom warp in our Fall River workshop takes focus and care.

Using a robot hand-tufter and a skilled eye, we create natural fiber rugs with complexity, depth, and texture.

Brushed suede lacing is laced by hand into each Rove rug at our Fall River Workshop.

Finishing each made-to-order rug takes care and time.

Perfectly mitered corners are the result of technique, skill, and attention to detail.



The threads of craft, collaboration, and design ingenuity have allowed Merida to revive time-honored tradition of weaving in Fall River, in a way that is new and uniquely ours. In the process, we have elevated the expectations in the design community for quality and originality.