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Channel 648 - Thyme-Flax

An exploration in weaves. Pattern is created by the contrast of weave structures. Using one hue, the woven texture creates high visual impact.

The Channel Collection is a study in the power of nuance, as the transitions between different weaves introduce subtle visual interest and create the pattern. 


Blending Mohair and Alpaca Merino of the same color creates depth in the design and a quietly mottled color.

Alpaca Merino is a soft, matte yarn that absorbs light. This yarn also has a strong twist that creates visual interest.

The Cotton warp has a pearlescent sheen.

Fiber: 77% Mohair | 17% Linen | 6% Cotton

Construction: Dobby Woven

Lead Time: 16 Weeks

Made in USA

Note: Sample image shown is a small version of the full-size rug.

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