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Speckle - Mist

Monochromatic, luxuriously textured, and plush underfoot. Meet Canvas. Tufted with 100% New Zealand wools, the collection features six foundational patterns that range from geometric to natural. Speckle, an easy-to-use, small-scale grid pattern adds tonal beauty and heathered depth to any room.

Our American-made rugs—tufted, sheared, and hand finished to order—are easily customizable by shape, size, and color with a remarkably short lead time. Explore our pom pox to find the perfect color for your project’s palette. Using a unique robot hand tufting process, our craftspeople merge the artistry of hand and the machine to create durable, beautiful rugs in our Fall River workshop.

Fiber: 100% Wool
Construction: Tufted
Lead Time: 8 Weeks
Made in: USA

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