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Tempo 518 - Midnight

This design is broken down into three parts: the field, the border, and the center. Three distinct weaves fill these sections, providing contrast as we move across the design.

Striking a dynamic balance between subtlety and statement, the Tempo Collection explores the beauty of regularity as it articulates textural contrasts. 


A ground of luxurious Alpaca Merino creates the base of this design. Alpaca Merino is a soft, matte yarn that absorbs light. This yarn has a strong twist that creates visual interest.

Crisp, reflective Linen contrasts against the matte ground, allowing the Linen to stand out as a highlight.

Felted Wool fills the center of the motifs with a soft pillow of fiber.

Thick Cotton is used in the warp to highlight the shifting weave structures.

Fiber: 43% Linen | 24% Wool | 17% Alapaca Merino | 16% Cotton

Construction: Jacquard Woven

Lead Time: 16 Weeks

Max Width: Approx. 11' 06"

Made in USA

Note: Sample image shown is a small version of the full-size rug.

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